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Reed Loustalot



Check out Mone Transport's LOST FR8 Profile


Founded by Americo & Mayela Garcia in 2014

Operated by Andres Garcia

Mone Transport operates a fleet of 100 tractors & 300 53’ van trailers out of Laredo, TX. They specialize in cross-border Mexico-US moves at the El Paso and Laredo crossings.

From Andres: “Mone Transport is a door-to-door cross-border transportation company connecting Mexico to the US. Mone eliminates the need for transloading or cross docking, picking up your shipment and delivering it with the same trailer reducing risks, costs, and transit times while providing real-time tracking.”

From Reed: "Mone Transport has an awesome story. The Garcia family has been involved in the trucking industry for three generations. It began in Mexico, where both of Andres' grandparents ran their own fleets. Later, his father expanded the business to the US, and today, Andres continues this tradition with Mone Transport."


53' Van - Food grade, air ride, swing door, e-track

Daily trucks in the following lanes

Outbound Mexico:

Monterey, MX (200 mile radius) to USA Chihuahua, MX (250 mile radius) to USA Nuevo Laredo, MX to USA Ciudad Juarez, MX to USA

USA Inbound Laredo, TX:

Kansas City, MO to Laredo, TX Whitsett, NC to Laredo, TX Dallas, TX to Laredo, TX Plymouth, MN to Laredo, TX (Monday, Thursday, Friday)

Reach out to with any opportunities.

Area of Operation


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Check out The Outrunners LLC's LOST FR8 Profile


The Outrunners LLC is an asset based carrier that specializes in Over The Road trucking. We also offer dispatching services for owner operators looking to increase their revenue without the headache of finding loads and driving. We are currently looking to expand by adding a few drivers/ owner operators to our fleet.

Area of Operation



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Check out J Anthony Express' LOST FR8 Profile


Founded by Larry Carreiro in 1993

J Anthony Express is a versatile trucking company with a fleet of dry vans servicing the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeastern regions of the United States.

Beyond its trucking services, the company also operates a pallet refurbishing business and a freight brokerage division.

Area of Operation


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Reed Loustalot

If you're a carrier and you get the majority of your freight from brokerages, it's important to understand how they operate. Knowing how they operate is key to understanding how they play the game and, by extension, how you should play the game with them.

There are 5 buckets most freight brokerages fall into. 5 types, if you will. In this post we'll break them down.

1. Traditional/Split/Chicago Model

Here, the brokerage employs a sales team and carrier reps to find customers and maintain relationships with trucking companies. The sales staff get freight from shippers, the carrier reps find carrier capacity to move the freight. Each brokerage will have it's on rules governing carrier / carrier rep relationships AKA what rep can book what carrier. You've likely encountered this system when you call on a posted load and get passed between reps.

How to work with them

Get a carrier rep assigned to you at each of the big brokerages. Use the truck list sending tool to share your capacity with them. Communicate with them frequently, make sure they know what you need. Get as many reps as you can and overtime you will figure out who is good and stick with them.


CH Robinson, Echo, Coyote, Arrive, and others

2. Agent Model

This type of brokerage operates under a corporate brand and utilize the authority and insurance of said brand, but are broken down into individual agent offices varying in size. Some agent offices are individuals, others are larger with dozens of employees. While operations tend to vary within these agencies, traditionally brokers working in an agent model handle getting freight from customers and booking the freight as well. So if you're working with someone from an agent model brokerage, they are more likely to have a direct relationship with the customer as well.

How to work with them:

You can send them a truck list to stay in touch, but more important is to equip them with your preferred lanes. They'll likely be in a better position to give you steady business if it lines up well with your lanes.


Armstrong Transport, Mercer Transportation, ATS, Logistics Dynamics

3. Digital

These are brokerages that use mobile apps and algorithms to digitally match available freight with carriers using their apps.


Uber Freight, Convoy, and Loadsmart

4. Asset-based

These are trucking companies that also operate as freight brokers. They can guarantee trucks for customers thanks to their own fleet, but customers may not always be the best fit for their fleet and instead the carrier will opt to use their brokerage to move customer freight.

How to work with them:

There is some variability with how brokerages operate within the context of a fleet. Some might be wholly separate and operate a split model. Others might only use their brokerage to fill in the gaps when company trucks can't take the freight. Your stategy will be company by company and will likely be similar to split and agent models.


US Xpress, Knight/Swift, Schneider

5. 3PL

These companies manage all aspects of a company's transportation supply chain. While they offer convenience by removing the stress of locating truck capacity, working with a 3PL could make shippers overly reliant on their expertise and provide them less oversight on their processes.

Many bigger brokerages also have managed transportation solutions that might lump them into this bucket as well.

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Reed Loustalot


Are you interested in having LOST FR8 carrier truck lists delivered right to your inbox for free? Meet new carriers who are interested in forging longterm relationships without any work on your part!

We're launching a list for new carriers. By signing up, you'll be among the first to access truck lists from new carriers entering the marketplace, giving you a competitive edge.

If this sounds like a resource that could help your business, click here to enter your email to join the list..

As always, if you have any questions or need clarification on our offerings, feel free to reach out to us.

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Reed Loustalot

We at LostFr8 are excited to announce our new Carrier Referral Program. It's very simple.

  1. You refer a carrier to our
  2. They receive a 20% discount on their first month's subscription fee after enjoying a two-week free trial.
  3. After their first payment, you'll get a $50 Amazon gift card as our way of saying thanks.

This program allows us to expand our community while also providing you with a tangible benefit for your support.

Interested? Learn more on our referral page.

referral form

You have 2 options for referring a carrier.

  1. Send an email from the form
  2. Copy your referral link

If you have any questions, or if any part of our site is unclear, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help.

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Reed Loustalot

In today's digital age, the logistics industry is undergoing significant changes. One such innovative transformation is brought about by LOST FR8, a revolutionary tool designed for carriers to seamlessly engage with brokers. Carriers may wonder what exactly that means, or why they should worry about it. Lets get into it.

Streamlining Communication

LOST FR8 makes it effortless to keep track of your available capacity, providing a streamlined platform to share this essential information with brokers. How does this work?

Firstly, through a shareable company profile link. This feature eradicates the need for countless phone calls simply to inquire about the location of your trucks. Brokers can now access this information just by opening the provided link, making the entire process more efficient and convenient.

capacity list

Mass Communication

Secondly, LOST FR8 introduces the feature of email truck lists. This facilitates the building of a broker email list, enabling carriers to distribute their truck list to numerous brokers with just one click. This mass communication mechanism saves time and resources, providing a more effective communication channel for carriers.

capacity profile

Building Success Stories

LOST FR8 is all about customer success stories. It simplifies the process for brokers to identify where you have trucks, thus improving their ability to do a commendable job on their freight. As a result, they will be more inclined to work with you, paving the way for productive relationships.


Why is Easy Access to Capacity Info Essential?

You might wonder, why is it necessary to make it easy for brokers to access your capacity information? The answer lies in the primary job of brokerages - booking company freight. Brokerages employ thousands of representatives whose sole task is to secure freight for your trucks.

Having a solid relationship with one of these representatives can be a significant asset for a carrier. The easier it is for them to access your capacity information, the more efficient they can be at looking for loads for your trucks.

Building Relationships

However, establishing these relationships can be a challenging task. A good starting point is to keep track of the brokers who treat you well. By adding them to your email list and consistently sending them a truck list, you can build an audience of engaged brokers over time.

Get Started with LOST FR8

Do you have any questions or need assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We currently offer a 14-day free trial and are actively seeking all the carrier feedback we can get. Here is the link to get started.

LOST FR8 offers a cutting-edge solution to streamline and enhance the engagement between carriers and brokers, revolutionizing the logistics industry. Harness its potential to build successful relationships with brokers and optimize your operations.

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