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Who is LOST FR8 for?


What does LOST FR8 cost?

Our pricing structure is very straightforward. Carriers pay a modest monthly fee based on fleet size and receive a 20% discount if they pay for a year upfront.

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What are LOST FR8's goals?

To enable carriers to efficently and effectively communicate their capacity to current and prospective brokers / shippers.

How do I access LOST FR8?

With your smartphone or computer. LOST FR8 is a website. It is optimized for both mobile and desktop browsers. All features are available on both platforms.



Does it matter what TMS I have?


Is LOST FR8 a load board?


Does LOST FR8 replace load boards?

No. Load boards serve their purpose for last minute loads, but we feel they fall short in providing a place for brokers who want to work with specific carrier partners.

Is LOST FR8 a broker?


Why are you asking for my VINs?

Recently there's been an uptick in insurance fraud. Brokers are frequently requesting carriers send VIN numbers for equipment prior to picking up a load. We hope to make it simple to share this info. Enter it one time while building your profile and direct any broker asking for it to your profile page.

How do I submit ideas or report bugs?

Press feedback in the bottom left hand corner of the footer

I'm a broker, what does LOST FR8 do for me?

LOST FR8 is a place to view your partner carrier's latest capacity on any device, no login required. Access their profile with either a direct link or by searching their name, MC#, or DOT# on our site.

Changes to their capacity update in realtime, no page refresh is required.

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